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    In 2009, after a few years of college and traveling, I was settling into adulthood back in my hometown of New Iberia, LA. I found myself falling back into the mindset that there was simply "nothing to do around here." Something had to change. Seeking adventure and a life that was more than just an 8-5 job and new found responsibilities, I set out to prove that South is everything I craved: a soul-stirring mecca of culture, decadence, passion and the unknown.

    Thus Dixie Lust was born - a place on the web to chronicle my love affair with home... a reawakened enthrallment with the simpler things. From 2009 - 2011, Dixie Lust made its home on a tiny Blogger site. Eventually, my priorities shifted and I stopped blogging. Dixie Lust and its purpose was never far from my mind or my heart. I felt a constant calling to continue the adventure - I just didn't know how to incorporate it into my day to day.

    I'm here to say that I've finally figured it out. Dixie Lust is resurrected. It's a part of who I am now - a passion that can't be quieted or pushed aside. I still don't claim to be an expert on Southern living. Hell… a lot of this? I’m experiencing for the first time. But I do invite you to come along for the ride.

Guest Post: The Mardi Gras Survival Bag | Eco Cajun

With a purse that weighs an estimated 37 lbs and a packing process that takes longer than the actual trip, it’s safe to say I’m not an expert on packing. I wind up forcing the last remaining bits of my medicine cabinet to various zippered side pockets, loading up beach totes with 6 more pairs of shoes “just in case,” and bring along enough outfits to carry any small village from day to night. In fact, I vehemently deny any man the chance to chivalrously carry my bags out of straight-up shame of how much stuff I tote along with me. So you can imagine my utter fascination last Festival when I watched Caitlin (of EcoCajun and recent Acadiana Lifestyle fame) pull out a small chair from a perfectly curated “festival bag.” My curiosity got the best of me and I asked what else she had brought along – sunscreen, a cloth napkin, a Kleen Kanteen, and more. Not only was it a bag she could carry without risking permanent damage to her lumbar system, but everything she brought along had a useful purpose. Gasp! Shock! Amazement!

When I realized Mardi Gras was fast approaching and I’d be out on the parade route for hours at a time, I knew I need to go to the expert for help. I asked Caitlin to put together her ultimate Mardi Gras Parade Route Survival Bag for y’all. Well…. Mainly for me. But you can read too…


Mardi Gras in south Louisiana is a marathon, not a sprint. The better prepared you are, the more you can do Mardi Gras the eco-friendly way.

Think about it…chances are, when you’re out and about, and you’ve forgotten something you need, you probably just stop somewhere and pick up a disposable replacement. Or you generally leave the house empty-handed and have to buy whatever you need while you’re out.

Well, that’s not very green!

Now mais, pack you a survival bag and be an Mardi Gras expert. You’ll put the KING in king cake.

What do you need to survive Mardi Gras (and be sustainable to boot)?

The Mardi Gras parade route survival bag

Local beer in cans

Not only is it dangerous to have glass out on the street, in many places, it’s illegal. Keep your glass bottles at home and stick to cans. I mean really, do YOU want to walk amongst broken beer bottles along the parade route? I didn’t think so.

Daiquiri in a reusable mug

Daiquiris are pretty synonymous with Mardi Gras. Especially when the drive thrus open at like 7am on Mardi Gras day. But Lord, is that ever a waste of styrofoam. Bring your own Insulated container – they do very well at keeping your icy drinks cold. And most bars will oblige with filling your reusable container if you request. And tip.


Keep ya hands from freezing. Or keep ya beer cold. Who knows what the weather will be like? (Some past Mardi Gras-es, I’ve worn short sleeves, and last year, I had on three sweaters and a rain jacket and tights under my jeans and wool socks.)

Rain jacket

Cause let’s face it, it’s probably gon’ rain.

Cloth bag for all your parade catches

Leave your plastic grocery bags at home. They just won’t stand up to the weight of all your Mardi Gras beads. Grab one (or four) of your tuff cloth shopping bags to hold all those prized beads.

Portable backup cell phone battery

My last phone had this habit of starting to die within hours of being fully charged. It was a pain in the ass. But what saved me (particularly on one trip to Boston) was a portable backup cell battery. They aren’t large and come with a short cable that connects to your phone. When you start to run low on juice, plug in your backup battery and enjoy another hour or so. Now you can continue to work on that perfect artsy float Instagram shot.

The official Lafayette Mardi Gras app

For the past few years, the Mardi Gras association has provided a free smartphone app that lists the fair schedule, parade schedule, parade map and float GPS tracking. It’s amazing. Now you can know how much time you have until the parade reaches your favorite spot.

A small towel

In case of spills or wet surfaces, keep a towel with you so you don’t have to use disposable wipes or paper napkins.

Hand sanitizer

Mardi Gras ain’t the cleanest. If you’re picking beads up off the street (we won’t judge your catching skills), you’re going to want to clean off your hands.

Portable seat

Especially if you plan to be out for more than one parade at a time, you may want to bring a portable seat so you don’t have to sit on the street. (Hey, that rhymed!) Smaller seats are easier to lug around than those ones that come with footrests and awnings.


What kind of bag you choose to pack is up to you. Leave the designer bags at home and grab something durable. Don’t take the chance of having your bag scratched or spilled on.

Backpacks tend to hold a lot more and are more comfortable to wear. Especially if you ride your bike to the parade, which I highly recommend. Forget worrying about parking! Ride ya bike, save on gas and park right next to where you’ll be standing. Just be careful, because you can get an OWI on a bike too.

The basic point to remember when packing your Mardi Gras survival bag is to go as reusable as you can and so you only have minimal waste. You won’t be tempted to litter on the street, and you’ll have everything you need to les bon temps rouler!

Eco Cajun - February 9, 2015 - 4:58 pm

LOVE your intro to this post! Also, may this serve as your reminder to put your backup battery in your backpack. NOW!

Sippin’ Saturday: The Devereaux at Bread & Circus Provisions | Lafayette, LA

Welcome to the newest series here on Dixie Lust, Sippin’ Saturday. Each Sippin’ Saturday, I’ll share a delicious cocktail, either one you can make right at home or one you can order up at a local restaurant or bar. Now let’s start sippin’.

Bread and Circus Provisions - The Devereaux - Main PhotoBread and Circus Provisions - The Devereaux_0004Bread and Circus Provisions - The Devereaux_0005Bread and Circus Provisions - The Devereaux_0006Bread and Circus Provisions - The Devereaux_0007Bread and Circus Provisions - The Devereaux_0008Bread and Circus Provisions - The Devereaux_0009Bread and Circus Provisions - The Devereaux_0010Bread and Circus Provisions - The Devereaux_0011Bread and Circus Provisions - The Devereaux_0012Bread and Circus Provisions - The Devereaux_0013Bread and Circus Provisions - The Devereaux_0014Bread and Circus Provisions - The Devereaux_0015Bread and Circus Provisions - The Devereaux_0001Bread and Circus Provisions - The Devereaux_0003Bread and Circus Provisions - The Devereaux_0016Bread and Circus Provisions - The Devereaux_0017Bread and Circus Provisions - The Devereaux_0018

Blanche Elizabeth Marie Hollingsworth Devereaux.

Growing up, I think I may have watched every episode of The Golden Girls countless times. My obsession with the motley foursome was so fierce that I can still to this day quote several episodes. While I loved Estelle Getty as the quick-witted rancorous Sophia Petrillo,  it was Rue McClanahan as stylish, man-hungry Blanche Devereaux who stole my heart. As a tween perched on the edge of my mauve floral daybed, I took mental notes as I watched Blanche saunter across the lanai. She was charismatic with a sweet and light presence. She was unexpected with her teenage tales of Virginia, Charmaine, and Big Daddy.  She was the consummate balance of the traditional southern belle and the chic progressive woman. She was everything I longed to be…. y’know, without a tad less promiscuity.

When I discovered that Bread & Circus Provisions was serving up a cocktail named after my beloved Blanche annnnnd it was made with Bulleit Bourbon, I just had to try it. I’m huge bourbon fan and I’m fully aware that there are many of you out there who are most definitely not. I hear complaints of bourbon cocktails either being too heavy of bourbon, too syrupy sweet, or too much like fire fully engulfing your throat as it glides down.

Made with  Bulleit Bourbon, St. Germain (a French liqueur flavored with elderflowers), champagne, fresh lemon juice, mint, and local cane sugar syrup, The Devereaux is everything I loved about Blanche put into a highball glass. Each sip starts out with a fizzy burst of  fresh mint and tangy lemon and mellows out into a soothing smooth aftertaste of comforting bourbon with traces of edleflower. Bread & Circus provisions has created a bourbon cocktail that is light and refreshing – perfect for sipping over a long brunch or as you nibble off of their late night menu into the wee hours. The Devereaux is a a traditional bourbon cocktail updated with an unexpected lightness and tart kick. I like to think Blanche would sip on one of these as she sits on the lanai, forced to listen to yet another one of Rose’s ridiculous stories about St. Olaf.

Head on down to Bread & Circus Provisions this week and order up a Devereaux or two so we can toast to our favorite sassy southern Golden Girl.

Here’s to you, Blanche.

Thank you for being a friend.


Bread & Circus Provisions

258 Bendel Road

Lafayette, LA 70503



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Taco Sisters Mobile Food Truck | Lafayette, LA

Taco Sisters Mobile Food Truck_Main Photo

 When I started blogging again, I imagined a newspaper-covered-picnic table blanketed by a fresh, steaming batch of Louisiana crawfish as my brother heavy-handedly dusted them with Zatarain’s. I saw myself nearly unrecognizable as I danced wildly to the rhythmic Indian drums, completely covered in brilliant colored powder at Lafayette’s Holi Festival. I pictured sitting down to hear the stories of the accordion players under the Evangeline Oak, photographing the Courir de Mardi Gras in my mother’s hometown of Mamou, and sharing snaps of the perfect strawberry snowball drizzled in sweet, dense cream.

I did not, however, imagine myself standing in a gas station parking lot to photograph a burrito out of the back of my co-workers SUV, all the while contemplating if the mid-day sun flare off of the foiled taco wrapper was indeed a bold artistic decision in the esteemed world of food photography. But that was before I discovered the splendor of Taco Sisters Mobile and the divine rite that is Taco Wednesday.

Working in Broussard doesn’t allow for much mid-week food truck action, but luckily I discovered a few weeks ago that Taco Sisters Mobile makes the short trek out to Macro Oil each and every Wednesday from 11 am until 1:30 pm. Let’s just say there have been a lot of tacos in my life as of late. After one particular taco truck rendezvous, I returned to office mentally writing my vows for when I wed the smoked chicken taco (C’mon… “If you love it so much, why don’t you marry it?”) and ran into my co-worker, Kim. As I raved about the tender chicken and the lettuce mix with apples, we put together a game plan for the Ultimate Taco Wednesday lunch outing. There would be another co-adventurer, Jeanne. There would be cameras. There would be blog notes. But most importantly? Tacos. There would be savory, delicious tacos.

This past Wednesday was the launch date of our epic Taco Wednesday. There were multiple e-mails discussing the menu. There was brainstorming of taco songs and cheers to sing in the car for the 8 minute drive. There was go-pro footage of us approaching the airstream (I admit it. I have a penchant for excess.) But in the end, there were two tacos, a burrito, salsa, black beans, corn chips, Maui Onion chips, two cokes, and a boxed water.

Here’s how it all went down.


Taco Sisters Food Truck Lafayette Louisiana

Taco Sisters Food Truck Lafayette Louisiana

Taco Sisters Food Truck Lafayette LouisianaTaco Sisters Food Truck Lafayette LouisianaTaco Sisters Food Truck Lafayette Louisiana

Smothered Brisket Taco with lettuce mix, Sister’s secret sauce, pico de gallo, cheese, and sour cream {$5.95}

Black beans cooked with carrots, caramelized onions, garlic and jalapenos {$5.50}

Mission corn totrilla chips {$1.50}

I knew I had won these girls over with Taco Wednesday as soon as Jeanne took the first bite of her Smothered Brisket Taco. As my camera clicked away at some of the other items we had ordered,  I heard a tiny whisper come from the front seat. “Oh… my…God.” Bites two and three were accompanied by the same laudation. Clearly, she was having a moment. The source of sheer happiness? Beef brisket in candied chipotle adobo sauce set against a grilled tortilla amidst crisp spring mix and juicy pico de gallo.

By her praise, the flavorful, creamy black beans with subtle hints of onion and carrot were the perfect hearty accompaniment to her brisket taco.

Taco Sisters Food Truck Lafayette LouisianaTaco Sisters Food Truck Lafayette LouisianaTaco Sisters Food Truck Lafayette Louisiana
Taco Sisters Food Truck Lafayette Louisiana

Smoked Chicken Burrito with tomatoes, refried beans, cheese, and Sister’s secret sauce {$6.50}

Chips & Salsa {$2.50}

 Wrapped in a soft 12-inch tortilla, Kim’s smoked chicken burrito was stuffed to the brim with tender, hand-pulled chicken that had been marinated overnight in a fresh jalapeno-lime glaze. She then added juicy, ripe tomatoes; creamy refried beans; and the zesty Sister’s secret sauce to tailor her burrito. She rounded out her meal with a cup of cilantro and jalapeno laced salsa.

Taco Sisters Food Truck Lafayette LouisianaTaco Sisters Food Truck Lafayette LouisianaTaco Sisters Food Truck Lafayette LouisianaTaco Sisters Food Truck Lafayette LouisianaTaco Sisters Food Truck Lafayette Louisiana

Smoked Chicken Taco with lettuce mix, Sister’s secret sauce, pico de gallo, sour cream, & cheese {$5.50}

Zapp’s gourmet “Dirty Chips” in Maui Onion {$1.50}

And I, a creature of habit, once again got what I believe to be is the world’s most perfect taco. Made with the same jalapeno-lime marinated, smoked chicken that went into Kim’s burrito, my taco was a satisfying mix of crunchy lettuce mix, crisp bits of apple, and heavenly pico de gallo all coated in a rich fusion of sour cream and Sister’s secret sauce.

Back at the office, I wondered if it were possible to swing by the Taco Sisters location for dinner; Kim wondered if it were possible to sneak in a nap at break; and Jeanne continued to wonder what flavors she was picking up in those black beans. Epic adventures affect us all differently, I guess. Here’s to recouping until our next chow-down undertaking.



To get in on this taco action, be sure to check the calendar and find out where to spot Taco Sisters Mobile next!


Taco Sisters Mobile

Lafayette, LA


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Eco Cajun - January 30, 2015 - 8:28 pm

Hey, that cup is compostable. ;)

Connie Collins - February 1, 2015 - 1:49 pm

Some of the best food in Laffy without a doubt