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    In 2009, after a few years of college and traveling, I was settling into adulthood back in my hometown of New Iberia, LA. I found myself falling back into the mindset that there was simply "nothing to do around here." Something had to change. Seeking adventure and a life that was more than just an 8-5 job and new found responsibilities, I set out to prove that South is everything I craved: a soul-stirring mecca of culture, decadence, passion and the unknown.

    Thus Dixie Lust was born - a place on the web to chronicle my love affair with home... a reawakened enthrallment with the simpler things. From 2009 - 2011, Dixie Lust made its home on a tiny Blogger site. Eventually, my priorities shifted and I stopped blogging. Dixie Lust and it's purpose was never far from my mind or my heart. I felt a constant calling to continue the adventure - I just didn't know how to incorporate it into my day to day.

    I'm here to say that I've finally figured it out. Dixie Lust is resurrected. It's a part of who I am now - a passion that can't be quieted or pushed aside. I still don't claim to be an expert on Southern living. Hell… a lot of this? I’m experiencing for the first time. But I do invite you to come along for the ride.

Sunday Social | @Local_Milk

Sunday Social - Local Milk - 1.25.15

The South’s newest It-Girl. The master of the overhead food shot. A lovely talent with ties to New Orleans.


Beth Kirby is my latest girl/talent/photographer crush and with one look at her Instagram, it’s easy to see why. Named 2014 Winner of Saveur’s Best Food Blog Awards “Best Photography Blog” in both the Editor’s Choice and Reader’s Choice as well as Saveur’s 2013 Sites We Love (phew… did I get that all?), Kirby’s Local Milk blog is an absolute Mid-March crawfish boil with corn, potatoes, mushrooms, onions, AND sausage for the eyes. Feast. The word we’re looking for is feast.


While Local Milk in blog format is filled with exquisite musings, simple yet decadent recipes, and some of the chicest fashion blogging I’ve ever seen, get the abridged photo gorgeousness by following @Local_Milk on Instagram today.

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Weekend Wishlist | A Busy Girl on the Go

Weekend Wishlist - Busy Girl on the Go - 1.23.2015

1. The Pilot Backpack | Kelly Moore Bags {$299} → Kelly Moore is not only a fellow Louisiana lady but she makes the Rolls Royce of camera bags. The Pilot Backpack is at the top of my wishlist with its rugged yet oh-so fiiiiine exterior, divided interior with enough space to hold all my photo gear, and outer pockets to hold cards and other small items. It’s the perfect bag to grab and go as I move from photo sessions to blog events.

2. 32 GB Wi-Fi SDHC Memory Card | Transcend {$57} → I only recently found out about this new-fangled technology, but these memory cards with wi-fi allow you to sync your DSLR camera with your cell phone or laptop instantly. These bad boys would make it so much easier to post images from my camera to Instagram and Facebook while I’m on the go.

3. Sunshine + Warmer Weather {Not Happening} → I know. I know. It’s January and I’ll be complaining once the temps soar into the 90s. But I’m just dying for weather warm enough for a windows down, music up kinda drive.

4. Ditty Bag | Tchoup Industries {$36} → This rugged little ditty bag is the perfect size to corral all my odds and bobs that I keep with me on a day out. Have you ever tried to find a bobby pin in a woman’s purse? Like a needle in a haystack, I tell you. This ditty bag would put an end to lost ink pens, lipsticks gone rogue, and the mystery of the disappearing phone charger.

5. Liquid Lipstick in American Doll | Anastasia Beverly Hills {$20} → Truth be told, I really want all 20 shades of Anastasia Beverly Hills’ newest long-wearing liquid lipstick. But if I had to pick a perfect shade to carry me from photo session to Boom! Boom! Burlesque then I’d have to choose the perfect pin-up red, American Doll.

6. Staring at Maps, Pt. 1 | Sean Bruce {$4} → Busy weekends on the go mean A LOT of time in the car. I’m always looking for new music to make Johnston Street a little bit more bearable. Enter Sean Bruce’s latest EP. While only 5 songs, Staring at Maps, Pt. 1 easily has me singing along and dancing at red lights – the perfect mix for this weekend’s marathon driving.



Caitlin Sonnier - January 23, 2015 - 5:13 pm

I neeeeed one of those memory cards! Also, bonus points for the Sean Bruce album!

TuesDate: Let Them Entertain You: Lady Date Extravaganza | Lafayette, LA


TuesDate Header

Here’s the plan:

  1. Blowout at your favorite salon
  2. Dinner at La Carretta
  3. Boom! Boom! Burlesque presents ELECTRIFIED at Cite des Arts

I’m suggesting a lady date for you and your girls because, let’s be honest, you need to regroup after the new year and touch base before you hone in on your Valentine’s Date plans.

First of all, everyone deserves a little pampering. Take your girls to your favorite spa or salon and indulge a little. Minimally, get a blowout, because EVERYONE hates washing and drying their hair. And if you can get someone else to handle that huge roundbrush for you and give you Adele hair, all the better. If you have the time and the funds to get a quick 30 min massage, deep conditioning treatment, or manicure, go for it! The point is to pamper yourself for a bit because I’m proud of you for making it another year!;)Give yourself a break.

Then, congregate and get ready together. Share hair spray, listen to one of the Girls Night Out Playlists on Songza (My favorite is called Vodka Escapades: Ladies Be Pre-gaming, but that’s just me.), and help each other with your eyeliner. Try out that ombre lip technique that’s had you staring at Kylie Jenner too long! This is the night, trust me. If you’re at a spa, you can probably do this in a private suite or in their locker room, or if you went to a salon, meet at a friend’s house nearby.

Once your crew is lookin’ on point, carry yourselves over to your reservation at La Carretta. Hopefully it’ll be someone’s birthday because there’s an over-sized sombrero involved. This is the point where you’ll be taking all your selfies and candid photos. Love your friends. Laugh and gossip. Enjoy those chips! Sip that margarita! Just make sure you can walk those fierce heels you have on down the street to Cite des Arts for the burlesque show.

Once you get to Cite, find seats and claim them! They won’t be assigned, so talk to your girls about a game plan. Do you want to be up close and personal with lots of professionally trained and glittered skin? Sit in the first few rows or on the aisle. Want to sit back and watch? Snag a back or middle section of seats. But let’s be real, get close enough so you can see their technique and pay attention! This is perfect timing to get pointers for the upcoming lovey-dovey holiday season.

If you’ve never been to a burlesque show before… just go with it. It’s really, really, really fun. It’s just all around entertaining with a bit of extra sexy pumped in for good measure. These people LOVE what they do, and I can honestly tell you from knowing some of the cast that they work their bums off to create a good show for their audience. So take a shot before you leave La Carretta, get a drank AND some water at Cite, and enjoy yourself!

Because of your prime show location downtown, you and your girls will be in the perfect place for an after-party at your favorite watering hole. Just please remember to drink responsibly, call the tipsy taxi if you need, and WAIT to post most of your tipsy selfies until you can see them better in Sunday morning light. Trust me.

#Lady-Dating Protip: Invite 4-6 girls who are just as cool but from different friend groups. Not only will it be fun for you, but your friends can make new friends! Everyone wins!


Boom Boom Burlesque-0613



  1. Get a headcount and make your reservations on TUESDAY! I work in a spa so I can tell you this. Saturdays book up first. Especially during Mardi Gras Ball season. People may have to get their appointments at staggered times, but it’s SO worth it to not have to do your own hair. And reserve your table ahead of time at La Carretta. Waiting is no fun.
  2. Have everyone buy their tickets for Boom! Boom! Burlesque’s ELECTRIFIED in advance. They’re $10 and you can buy them online at Cite des Arts. Tickets will be available at the door but seating is limited and you don’t want to show up to a sold out show with no tickets.
  3. My timing suggestion: Spa/Salon appointments around 3-5pm. La Carretta reservation at 7, 7:30. Head down Jefferson for the show at 915, 930. Doors will be open then and you’ll want enough time to get the seats you want, use the bathroom, and do a fair amount of people-watching.
  4. Choose your outfit or go shopping for one on Wednesday or Thursday, so you have plenty of time to live with it and choose your accessories. Don’t be that girl who changes her outfit five time the day of, or who doesn’t feel confident with her best girls. This is the kind of night you want to FEEL your best and therefore look your best.
  5. Please advise everyone to bring enough money to tip your stylists/service providers at the spa/salon and your waitress at the restaurant. A good tip on a $20-$40 blowout is $5-$10. It doesn’t take much.
  6. Make sure your bring your lip tools with you. You want fierce when you go into the restaurant AND when you leave.
  7. Enjoy the heck out of the show and be open-minded and respectful. It takes a LOT of courage to do what they do!
  8. Take care of your friends who may have had too few nachos and too much tequila. Make sure everyone’s included and try to leave as a group so no one feels left out or like a buzzkill.
  9. Call a tipsy taxi if you need it and remember to post your photos THE NEXT DAY. Your friend with the strange drunk face will thank you.