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    In 2009, after a few years of college and traveling, I was settling into adulthood back in my hometown of New Iberia, LA. I found myself falling back into the mindset that there was simply "nothing to do around here." Something had to change. Seeking adventure and a life that was more than just an 8-5 job and new found responsibilities, I set out to prove that South is everything I craved: a soul-stirring mecca of culture, decadence, passion and the unknown.

    Thus Dixie Lust was born - a place on the web to chronicle my love affair with home... a reawakened enthrallment with the simpler things. From 2009 - 2011, Dixie Lust made its home on a tiny Blogger site. Eventually, my priorities shifted and I stopped blogging. Dixie Lust and it's purpose was never far from my mind or my heart. I felt a constant calling to continue the adventure - I just didn't know how to incorporate it into my day to day.

    I'm here to say that I've finally figured it out. Dixie Lust is resurrected. It's a part of who I am now - a passion that can't be quieted or pushed aside. I still don't claim to be an expert on Southern living. Hell… a lot of this? I’m experiencing for the first time. But I do invite you to come along for the ride.

Weekend Wish List: Valentine’s Day

Weekend Wishlist - 2.14.2014

1. The Anna Dress | Jolie and Elizabeth | $246

2. Avery Salted Caramel Chocolate Collection, 8 piece | Sucre | $19

3. Letterpress Note Card – Louisiana Love | Presse Dufour | $5

4. Boys & Girls | Alabama Shakes | $9.99

5. Mod Teardrop Earrings | Red Arrow Workshop | $34


Quick Bite: Filet Burger

Quick Bite - Post Header

Burger Smith >> Lafayette, LA  >> Filet Burger, Smith Style Fries

Restaurant: Burgersmith

Location: Lafayette, LA

Menu Items: Filet Burger, Smith Style Fries

Elsewhere: Urbanspoon

Submitted By: Michelle B.




Weekend Wish List: NOLA Getaway

Weekend Wishlist - NOLA

1. Monogram Duffle in Natural Canvas and Navy | Fine Thread Art | $82

2. Any Time Now | O.A.R. | $13.99

3. Brown Sugar Cinnamon Granola | Bread & Circus Provisions | $6.24

4. Fleur De Lis Intaglio Heart Rope Confetti Necklace | Mignon Faget | $205

5. Banks Tokyo Tortoise Sunglasses | Krewe Du Optic | $175

6. Black & Gold 1967 T-Shirt | Fleurty Girl | $25